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Pretty interesting blend of mythology, history, PC and modern technology. And divination, don’t want to miss that! Also hilarious.

Comment on "The Stars Don't Lie," Metaphorosis


Wow! I mean, Wow! Took me someplace real, unreal, and plopped me back here again right fast. A great piece.

Comment on "How Lurlene Learned to Love Herself," Stupefying Stories


"Nothing Between the Stars" by RWW Greene at Daily Science Fiction is one of the best sf stories I've read in 2017. Cool alien (giant space blob poet), clear motivations from the characters, intriguing premise with ball well hidden from the reader until the last sentence. A great, great story. Love it.

Frank Wu, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writer and Artist


This is really good.

R.W.W. Greene's sister 


[Y]our story-telling talent is top shelf.

Comment on "Fuel for the Fire," Anthology Askew, Volume 5



Honestly might be the best email I've ever read.

Keith Richard, Nashua High School South Principal


Adding a dash of humor, R.W.W. Greene brilliantly depicts what a space-age timeout might look like. 

Kirkus Review, 2017 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide


This is a discerning collection of stories, many intelligent, odd, and satisfying. I particularly enjoyed the dystopian sci-fi piece by R.W.W. Greene, "A Feeble Gleam of Stars." It was smart and engaging, and despite its futuristic lexicon, it was quite accessible.

Amazon Review for Miseria's Chorale


All three [characters] are very well-defined. I’d love to see/read more of this one (somebody say novel?) … in the meantime, this is a real interesting read.

Author Charlie Stella on "The Ass Kicking" in The Tower Journal


Two reasons this needs to be adapted into a novel: one, it’s a fantastic and original idea; two, the protagonist is awesome and I want to see him actually save the world.

Comment on "A Feeble Gleam of Stars," Fiction Vortex


In few, wonderful words, R. Greene creates a world, introduces interesting characters, and begins an adventure redolent of freedom and love. Bravo!!!

Comment on "Grandma's Redemption," Mused


... this could be developed into a full-length novel. From the very beginning, it had the “taste” of some of Robert Heinlein’s juveniles–”Farmer in the Sky,” “Time for the Stars,” and “Podkayne of Mars.”

Comment on "It Pays to Read the Safety Cards," Something Wicked




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